Audio Projects

  • A4 Power Amplifier

    A4 Power

    This is a 4 channel amplifier that uses LM4780s working in parallel mode. There are options for bi-amping or bridging. Each channel is rated at around 50 watts per channel, but bridged, it produces over 150 watts per channel.

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  • Micro-Amp


    A miniature amplifier with an outboard power supply which was built to compliment the Audax mini-monitors. The amplifier uses an LM4780 and incorporates an over-temperature trip. Output power is around 25 watts per channel.

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  • Audax Monitors


    This project came about when Maplin sold off their stocks of Audax drive units back in 2004. These speakers are made from layered birch ply, and feature a John "Zaph" Krutke crossover design.

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  • GainClone Monoblocks

    Gainclone Monoblocks

    Impressed with the LM3875, I decided to build four mono-block amps. I never got around to building them in the end, but maybe the write-up of my experiments might be useful.

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  • Hi-Fi Preamp


    Designed to bring multichannel operation and microprocessor convenience to the hi-fi while maintaining high audio quality. This uses the PGA2310 to control the gain of 6 channels and was my first project to use a PIC.

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  • NICAM Tuner


    I built this back in 1991 when NICAM was an extremely expensive option on AV equipment. It was used in the same way as a modern "set top box", and features a Scart socket which could be used as an input or output.

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  • GCSE Amplifier


    A really old project, although not the first amplifier I built by any means! It's not pretty inside, but it worked well for many years.

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